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Brand Manager


Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

We are seeking a dynamic and creative Internal Brand Manager to join our team. In this role, you will be responsible for developing, implementing, and managing strategies to strengthen and promote our company’s brand identity both internally and externally. You will manage comprehensive marketing and content plans, oversee our social media platforms, secure brand partnerships, and build ambassador programs and head any current brand projects!


  • Develop and implement brand strategies to enhance our company’s identity and values.

  • Create and execute comprehensive marketing and content plans aligned with the company’s brand strategy.

  • Identify and secure brand deals and partnerships that align with the company's values and goals.

  • Enforcing the brand guidelines to maintain a cohesive brand image across all company materials and communication, internally and externally.

  • Oversee the creation of internal communications, promotional materials, and brand-related content.

  • Manage the company’s social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog), including scheduling, and engagement.

  • Assist with content creation where needed.

  • Recruit and manage brand ambassadors to promote the company’s brand.

  • Plan and execute internal brand-related events, such as company meetings and team-building activities. Develop initiatives to engage employees with the company’s brand, fostering a strong brand culture.

  • Plan and manage external events to promote the company’s brand and engage with key stakeholders.

  • Monitor and analyze brand performance through various metrics, gathering feedback to inform ongoing strategy.

Requirements and Skills
  • Minimum of 3-5 years of experience in brand management, marketing, or a related role, with a focus on internal brand development preferred.

  • Strong understanding of brand development and multichannel marketing concepts.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Proven ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and meet tight deadlines.

  • Proficiency in marketing software and tools, including CRM, analytics, and project management platforms.

  • Creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to interpret data and generate insights.

  • Experience with social media management and content creation.

  • Relevant marketing certifications (e.g., Google Analytics, HubSpot) are a plus.

  • Proven track record of identifying, securing, and managing brand partnerships is plus.

  • A portfolio showcasing previous brand management projects and campaigns is a plus.

About the Company

It's Barbados is a full service creative agency, located In the heart of beautiful Carlisle Bay.

We do things differently, because we see things differently.

We are consumer-centric, valuing real consumer signals. We build brands that create long lasting relationships with consumers. With industry-leading digital content, we aim to exceed the clients goals and deliver results.

Typically clients come to us for three (3) reasons:

1. Digital Strategy & Social Media Management
2. Marketing Strategy & Campaign Development
3. Content Creation - Photography, Videography, Motion & Graphic Design

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