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The modern marketing ecosystem is a vast and complex web of digital and physical experiences. Brands must adapt their content to work everywhere their audience might find them. At "It's Barbados", we help develop unique engaging brand content that builds awareness, garners a following and cultivates brand advocacy.


At It's Barbados, we know video pre-production is perhaps the most important element of video development. Pre-production creates the foundation you need for your visuals, voice-overs, animations and other breathtaking elements to tell your story.


Project Design

Our team will assist you pinpointing all the essentials of your project in a meeting before production starts. We will comb through the details of your project and make sure to start on the right track. This includes setting a pre-production schedule and budget that meets your needs and pinpoints the essential messages in your content that will resonate with your audience. By establishing these basic needs from the start of the project, the creative directors can set appropriate project goals. This means you can rest assured your project is going to get accomplished on time, within budget and up to your quality standards.


An engaging script is the next step toward making an engaging video. Working together utilizing the the essential messages you pinpointed in the design meetings, we will develop a script designed to build on those messages while keeping your audience interested and engaged. 


Storyboarding brings your project to life with a shot-by-shot guide set to the beat of your script. With a clear storyboard, you get a vivid idea of what your video will look like before the cameras start rolling. This both gives you a chance to make any final adjustments and prepares you and your staff for the kinds of shots the production team will need.


By lining up everything and everyone you need beforehand, from sets and lighting to designers and directors, we can produce your video more efficiently. Cutting your production time.


With shorter production time and better quality control, we can ensure a cost-effective video. By cutting production time and only using as much equipment as you need for your project, you reduce equipment costs, labor and other incidentals, reducing your final bill.


By going through pre-production, you can ensure that the video produced meets your quality standards. This process ensures a video that represents the message you want to portray.



During on-location production, the It's Barbados crew will manage all shoots, from start to finish, and handle all aspects of production. All production work will be executed with the utmost attention to high artistic standards, in accordance with the most exacting safety guidelines and a mindfulness to budget concerns.

Videography Agency | Model in Costume


At It's Barbados, we’ve engineered our teams and equipment to deliver a professional product in almost all situations. That means you can rest assured  a high-quality video on final delivery.

For on-location production services, we’re able to bring leading equipment that includes, but is in no way limited to:

  • 4k Cameras

  • Pro Constant Lighting 

  • Light Diffusion / Reflectors

  • 4k Drone Equipment

  • Stabilizers / Tripods

  • Wireless Audio Equipment

Image by Wahid Khene


Post-production video editing takes good videos and turns them into great video experiences. At It's Barbados, our team of talented editors and artists does just that, fine-tuning filmed content with in-house post-production editing. Post-production video editing is where we’re able to give you that movie magic.

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