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Beyond the Boundaries: Capturing the Barbados Royals in the CPL 2021 Tournament in St.kitts

The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) is known for its electrifying cricket and top-class players from around the world. So when we got the call to cover the Barbados Royals during the month-long tournament in St. Kitts, our team was ecstatic.

Our mission was clear: to capture every aspect of the Royals' journey, from their training sessions to media days, pre and post-match activities, and more. But with short turnaround times and the pressure of sending content back to Barbados for editing and marketing, we faced a critical decision.

With part of the team overseas for an extended period, we had to decide : how to optimize production and maintain quality for our current clients and projects for the duration of this project. We selected the best team for the job and devised a plan based on the Royals' coordinator's schedule.

Despite the obstacles, we were determined to produce top-quality content for the Royals and their fans worldwide. From behind-the-scenes shots of the team bonding to thrilling training action, we captured it all and delivered it to fans worldwide.

Our success in covering the Barbados Royals during the CPL tournament in St. Kitts while maintaining our standards locally is a testament to our commitment to our clients and delivering quality service and products at all times. The content we created had a massive impact on the team's fans and following, and we look forward to using our innovative strategies and industry-leading content to continue making waves and connecting audiences with their favourite brands.

Beyond the boundaries of the cricket field, we captured the journey of the Barbados Royals in the CPL 2021 tournament in St. Kitts, showcasing our dedication and expertise in telling the story.


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