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Launching the Highly-Anticipated 'Summa Fest' to Staggering Success : w/ Shenseea and Skillibeng

As a premier marketing agency, It's Barbados takes pride in delivering measurable results for its clients. When 'Dream Team Entertainment' sought the expertise of It's Barbados for the launch of their highly-anticipated event, 'Summa Fest,' the agency was ready to rise to the challenge.

It's Barbados approached the project with a structured and comprehensive methodology, beginning with the appointment of an account manager and a discovery meeting with Dream Team Entertainment. During this meeting, the agency delved into the specifics of the project, including the client's high-level goals, event objectives, target markets, and success measures.

The high-level goals of Dream Team Entertainment were clear: increase brand awareness and drive ticket sales for the event. It was obvious the star power of the headliners, international sensations Shenseea and Skillibeng, was expected to be a key factor in achieving these goals. The event objectives were specific and measurable, including increasing their social media following to over 2,500, boosting engagement, and reaching a target audience of 20-35-year-olds, with the aim of selling over 5,000 tickets.

With these objectives in mind, It's Barbados set about developing an execution plan. This involved the creation of a robust social media campaign, targeted advertising, pop up events, influencer campaigns, and traditional media roll outs. With no previous content to work from, the agency had to focus on creating static and motion graphics, as well as utilizing existing content from the artists, for their content plan. The creative team, led by the account manager and strategist, worked to bring the content plan to life.

The coverage of the event was of utmost importance to the agency, and a crew of camera operators was put together, utilizing a mix of in-house and freelance talent. With strict rules and restrictions in place, the operators captured the energy and excitement of Summa Fest, with 5 photographers and 3 videographers documenting the event.

The results of the marketing campaign could only be described as remarkable, with the social media engagement target of 40% achieved and a following of over 6,000 amassed. The total ticket sales were just shy of 10,000, almost doubling the initial goal!

It's Barbados and Dream Team Entertainment can both look back on Summa Fest as a success, with the world-class international performers Shenseea and Skillibeng contributing. The agency's structured approach to planning and execution, combined with the quality of its creative output, resulted in a satisfying outcome for the client and a successful launch.

We can't wait for the next one!


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