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Where Healthy Meets Delicious: Launching The Latest Addition to Barbados’ Culinary Scene

Have you ever felt like Barbados is lacking in healthy food options that were actually delicious, and still convenient? That's exactly what Fresko, a local fast-casual restaurant, offers its customers. But before they could launch their new flagship store on the South Coast, they needed a strong brand identity.

That's where our team at It's Barbados came in. Fresko approached us towards the end of 2022, to create a brand that would resonate with health-conscious diners who are always on-the-go, yet crave something more than just another everyday restaurant offering. Our goal was to establish a unique identity that customers could connect with on a deeper level.

To achieve this, we conducted extensive market research to understand the needs of their target audience and the competition's landscape. Our goal was to position Fresko as a restaurant that goes beyond the expected, offering fresh ingredients, customization, unique recipes, and healthy options that customers crave. But we didn't stop there. We wanted to create a brand voice that spoke directly to their target audience, emphasizing the convenience and accessibility of Fresko's offerings while also further highlighting the quality of their ingredients and the care that went into each dish.

To ensure visual consistency, we confirmed the brand assets such as logos, fonts, colours, and other visual elements that aligned with the overall brand strategy. Then our design team, led by the talented Amaia Thomas, worked tirelessly to create a visually cohesive brand that customers could instantly recognise and remember. Our production team captured photos and videos that showcased the brand's lighthearted and fun spirit, while the artwork and imagery highlighted what Fresko is all about.

As part of our comprehensive approach to the Fresko campaign, we leaned heavily into a digital approach that leveraged the power of social media to reach a wider audience, and the results speak for themselves. Over the course of the campaign, we were able to amass 4,000 followers on social media, with great engagement rates and ever-increasing traffic to the store. The social media page has become a vibrant hub of activity, with customers sharing their experiences, posting photos of their favourite dishes, and recommending Fresko to their friends and family. It's a testament to the power of social media in building brand awareness and loyalty, and we're proud to have played a part in the success of Fresko so far, and we look forward to continuing to work with them to grow their brand even further.

Ultimately, our collaboration with Fresko represents a movement towards healthier, more accessible food options. We hope that our work with Fresko inspires other businesses to think outside the box and create something truly special.

Check out Fresko on Instagram @freskobarbados , and trust us, give the "Santa Fe" bowl a try – it's our team favourite!

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