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From 0 to 10K : Our Journey with Baia

As a young and dynamic creative agency, we were thrilled to work with Baia on their growth journey. Baia is a beachfront Peruvian fusion restaurant where diners can experience the delicious flavours and deep gastronomical heritage of Latin America in a rustic and luxurious setting.

When the Baia team first approached us, they had just opened and were starting from scratch with their online presence, and needed help to bring their restaurant to the forefront of their target audience. After visiting the restaurant, we were immediately struck by the delicious food, cocktails, and incredible interiors designed by Kia Foster - Blades. We knew that with the right marketing strategies, we could help Baia reach its full potential.

So we went to work, partnering closely with Baia's team to create unique and engaging content that showcases the essence of their business. Our content highlighted the mouth-watering dishes, exotic cocktails, and inviting atmosphere of the restaurant, drawing in new audiences and building excitement around the brand.

In addition to content creation, we also executed cross-promotions through our agency's platform, reaching new audiences and broadening the reach of Baia's online presence. To reach the right people, we utilized targeted ad campaigns, and to tap into the power of social proof, we managed influencer marketing programs that leveraged the reach and influence of key social media influencers.

The results were outstanding - in just 9 months, we helped Baia grow their following from 0 to 10,000, and the brand recognition of the restaurant reached new heights. Our creative and engaging content received thousands of views and hundreds of shares, and the restaurant's online community continues to thrive through countless engagements.

Click here to have a look! Baia's Instagram Page

At It’s Barbados, we are proud of our role in Baia's success and look forward to driving even greater results for our clients. Our team is dedicated to creating personalized marketing strategies that get results and help businesses reach their full potential.


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