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"Culture Uncapped"​ : A Frontline View of a Creative Agency Celebrating Barbados'​ Independence.

In September of 2022 our team at "It's Barbados" embarked on a mission to bring the vibrant culture of Barbados to life. As a creative agency, we wanted to showcase the unique and beautiful aspects of Barbadian culture in honor of the island's independence month of November. To achieve this goal, the team created a campaign named "Culture Uncapped". The goal was to provide an intimate and firsthand look at the people and traditions that make Barbados so special.

This captivating campaign was a carefully crafted project that had five clear steps in mind: Research and Development, Creative Planning, Photography/Videography Executions, Content Planning and Strategy, and Scheduling/Posting. The marketing team conducted thorough research to carefully select subjects that accurately represented the essence of Barbadian culture. Meanwhile, the creative team and project manager worked together to brainstorm the best ways to bring each production to life.

Throughout the project, our team at "It's Barbados" worked tirelessly, keeping the production teams small to ensure that their passion project wouldn't interfere with our ongoing client work. Despite not being able to capture every aspect of Barbadian culture that we had outlined, we still managed to showcase 9 key aspects of Barbadian culture in a truly remarkable way.

The campaign highlighted Road Tennis, the tradition of horses bathing at Pebbles Beach, the shipwrecks of Carlisle Bay, the bustling city of Bridgetown, the vibrant Bridgetown Market, the historic town of Speightstown, the charming Millie Ifil Fish Market, the beautiful work of Chalky Mount Pottery, the stunning East Coast, and a finale compilation of everything that was captured throughout the project.

The team had initially prioritized video content, but we were pleasantly surprised when picture carousels outperformed videos in terms of exposure and engagement. Vertical videos and then horizontal videos followed. This outcome demonstrated the timeless power of images and the importance of considering all types of content when creating a marketing campaign.

The "Culture Uncapped" campaign started off slow but quickly gained momentum. It resulted in a growth of 2500 followers for our instagram platform, 506,000 impressions, reaching 135,000 accounts, and 30,000 engagements.

The top two posts were "Peaceful Mornings in Bridgetown" (photos of Bridgetown), which reached 32,000 accounts and had 4800 likes, 858 shares, 358 saves, and 108 comments. The finale video "This is Barbados" was equally successful, reaching 94,220 accounts with 121,318 plays, 3132 likes, 1332 shares, 267 saves, and 125 comments.

For the "It's Barbados" team, the "Culture Uncapped" campaign was a source of pride and fulfilment. We felt grateful for the opportunity to showcase the beauty and diversity of Barbadian culture and the impact that our work had on the community. This project was a true testament to the team's creative skills, social reach, and passion for Barbados.

The island of Barbados is a place of immense beauty and rich history. From its stunning beaches to its bustling markets and lively traditions, there is truly something for everyone. The "Culture Uncapped" campaign allowed our team at "It's Barbados" to showcase the very best of what Barbados has to offer. Through our research, planning, and execution, we were able to bring the island's rich heritage and traditions to life in a way that was both engaging and inspiring.

One of the standout aspects of this campaign was the people it allowed us to meet and interact with. We met so many fascinating characters, who were so warm and welcoming every step of the way. When we explained our goals, everyone was willing to help in any way they could. The people of Barbados and the love they have for their island is truly beautiful.

We were so inspired we decided to incorporate this style of content into our plans year round. Join us on any of our social platforms and follow along as we continue to showcase Barbados’ rich heritage, traditions and people, uncovering the treasures of this beautiful island for yourself!

Click to have a look at our final video : THIS. IS. BARBADOS.


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